Warm Hearts Program

Our Warm Hearts Program provides comfort and care for patients, families and staff across all areas of the hospital.  We continue to support funding for much needed Medical Equipment, Furniture and Supplies as well as ongoing programs such as:

  • Approximately 2,000 knitted hats for newborn babies each year;
  • Finger puppets and toys for paediatric patients in the Blood Collection and Emergency Areas;
  • Toe socks for patients receiving foot and leg casts;
  • Chemo hats for patients receiving chemotherapy and/ or radiation therapy;
  • Afghans for long term patients;
  • Christmas presents for hospitalized patients without families;
  • A coffee cart for Radiation Oncology patients;
  • French and English newspapers for several areas of the hospital;
  • Transportation for patients requiring financial assistance to come to the hospital for their appointments;
  • Care and maintenance of the plants within the hospital and the Oncology Garden